Eva Kaczor is a Dipl. Psychologist, Holistic Guide, Breathwork & Meditation Teacher, Yoga Expert and the founder of the global event series PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, YOGIS ON SOUND and YOGA MEETS ART.

Eva empowers her clients to live their full potential. Her holistic guidance spans from creating morning routines for a healthy body and focused mind, tailored meditations, breathwork for discovering unique purpose to intuitive readings of their soul potential.

Eva holds a diploma in Psychology, as well as certifications in Vinyasa, Thyroid and Yin Yoga with additional trainings in Thetahealing, Reiki and Spiraldynamik. Her professional careers span from brand strategy, to leadership development to publishing her own art magazines, to becoming an expert in spiritual growth and human potential.

As the founder of the international event series PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, YOGIS ON SOUND and YOGA MEETS ART, Eva collaborates with musical artists such as Acid Pauli to facilitate transformational experiences, retreats and opening ceremonies worldwide. Her partners include Burning Man, HABITAS, Nomade Tulum, Gardens of Babylon, Purpose Conference Berlin, Villa Illumina Mykonos and TOA Berlin.



My early life lead me from a diploma in Psychology to successful careers in leadership development and brand strategy. The burnout I experienced at 31 came in the form of a deep exhaustion and a year spent on the couch. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think, I was struggling with shame and guilt of not being able to move forward.

It was a year that made me realise: healing takes more then one dimension. And so I started to look into all of them. I studied ways to detox and nurture my body, to release chronic pain from my muscles and joints. I went to see a million healers, and got to know wonderful techniques to align body and mind. I started improving, but I didn’t get “well”.

It wasn’t until well known healer, Julie Sundara, asked me: “Do you actually want to heal?” and my answer was: “No“.

This is when everything changed. 

The “no” came from a place that today I would call my soul. And when I started to become honest, the questions came:

“Why are you here? What is your highest potential? How can you live and share it? What the hell is my calling?”

I didn’t get the answer straight but I started to radically follow my love for spiritual teachings, contemporary art and electronic music (thank you Berlin…).

I quit my professional life as a brand strategist and founded online magazines about creative entrepreneurs, art collectors, and later the art magazine ARTberlin.

Yoga found me during that time in the gym and after an initial struggle of treating it like a sport, and many injuries later, I travelled to NYC to do my first yoga teacher training. Back in Berlin, I taught every day.  Building my own community and clients. Adding to the practice what I kept on studying: defined anatomy, hormone regulation, breathwork for altered states of consciousness, meditation and nutrition to bio-hack the body and brain. 

I invented my international event series PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, YOGIS ON SOUND and YOGA MEETS ART, the latter in partnership with KÖNIG GALERIE.

In my coaching sessions I share with you how to tap into your soul potential and follow your calling. I show you how to connect with your truth and inner voice by releasing blockages from your subconscious, tapping into your natural strengths and creating a healthy body and powerful mindset. If you’re reading this, and it resonates, take a look at my coaching page for more details by clicking the link below.